Regular walk or exercise helps in maintaining blood Pressure levels normal as physical activity strengthens the heart muscles.  This helps in pumping of blood without exerting much Pressure on the arteries.

Yoga also helps to reduce Blood Pressure:   Light   Yoga   asanas   help in bringing about a balance in the autonomous  nervous  system,  a center   that   controls   stress. Yoga helps in regulating the blood Pressure by stabilizing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

(Relaxation Pose) is excellent reducing blood Pressure

1.   Lie Flat on your back

2.   Close your eyes

3.   Be aware of  the body parts and turn your attention to them

4.   Relax the body parts at will from toes to head. Relaxation has to be induced

5.   Mind should be made free from all disturbing thoughts

6.   When  the  posture  is  executed perfectly, it promotes peace and calmness  which reduces High Blood Pressure.

Yogic breathing exercises – Nadi Shodhana Method

Practice of  Nadi Shodhana helps to calm the mind of its disturbances and makes it conducive for meditation. Nadis are the carriers of prana to the different parts of the body. According to  yogic  science,  there  are  72,000 nadis in the human body. Pranayama cleanses these channels and the body is energized with the flow of  prana. Steps – 1. Sit in a comfortable position and relax all the body parts. 2. Close your eyes. 3. Close your left nostril with your thumb and inhale slowly. Exhale the breath through the right nostril. This constitutes one part of the breathing. 4. Alternate the breath to the right nostril, i.e, inhale through the right nostril by closing the left nostril. Then, exhale through the left nostril.

Meditation  is  an  excellent  method for reducing high blood Pressure Meditation helps to be in touch with the inner self which gives tremendous relief    to    all    the    body    system and   in   reducing   blood   Pressure. Steps – 1. Just close your eyes and focus your attention on the point between the eyebrows. 2. One can chant ‘Om’ for a few minutes until a peaceful feeling touches you. Fill the mind with faith in the divine that always protects and relaxes one’s mind. Which results in drop in Blood Pressure level.

• Keep a check on your weight, over weight/obesity can lead to high Blood Pressure

• Eats lots of  fresh fruits and green vegetables

• Do not smoke

• Avoid consumption of Alcohol

Live an active life full of  physical


• Do  some  light  exercises  or  yoga

asanas, Yoga asanas helps to reduce

high blood pressure

• Keep emotional stability

• Use low salt

High   Blood   Pressure   affects   the

internal   organs   like   heart,   lungs,

liver and kidneys. Blood Pressure is

elevated with anxiety, hostility, anger and  through  excessive  consumption of fat-rich diet.  High blood pressure can also increase due to consumption of  tea, coffee, alcohol and tobacco. It is important that natural ways are adopted to reduce the damage caused by high Blood Pressure.

Sedentary  lifestyle,  lack  of  exercise and  obesity  are  also  the  reasons for  high  Blood  Pressure.    Exercise helps  to  improve  the  condition  of the heart, by making it pump more blood efficiently. Take stairs instead of  elevator  will  burn  more  calories and helps to reduce the high Blood Pressure. Some other methods used to  reduce  cure  blood  Pressure  are walking,  meditation,  deep  breathing and  healthy  foods.  When  stress  is reduced, the body’s immune system gets  a  boost,  that  also  effectively reduces high Blood Pressure. Therefore,   it   is   very   important for  us  to  have  a  holistic  approach through  exercise,  meditation,  yoga and a balanced diet which will help in maintaining a healthy life and also help in maintaining blood pressure.